'Unlimited reality'

Man is part of nature: its creation or perfection, tamer or slave, protector or that who destroys everything around him. The only indisputable thing is a fact of interconnection and complicated relations between all living creatures in the world. They are illustrated by artist Sergei Suglobov. His paintings are indeed kind, in some way naive, childish, but still magical and fantastic. The artist combines animalistic images with plants to find an answer to the fundamental questions of being. However, the plots of his artworks cannot be regarded as purely philosophical: in his pictorial metamorphoses, the artist often uses irony, leveling and simplifying rational perception.

“Throughout all of Sergei Suglobov’s painting, one can feel subtle vibrations of the invisible and inaudible, whether we are talking about the series ‘Water ontopsychology’ or about landscapes and portraits - a small but significant and expressive part of his work. It is these vibrations that fill the canvases of the distinctive painter with lively drama” said art critic Nadiya Tarshys.

On the canvases, magic elements are closely intertwined with the real life, and miracles contrast with routine. The paintings, graphics and collages presented on the exhibition are the multicomponent compositions that blur the boundary between the humans and animals.

Museum and Exhibition Center of the Museum of the History of Kyiv